What is an Ident-ID and Transaction Number?

The Ident-ID, just like the Transaction Number, are both identifiers for an identification. There is, however, one key difference - the Transaction Number is one that can be submitted by you when you create an Ident. The Ident-ID is our response when an Ident has been created, and this can be used by the user to start the identification.

Transaction Number: A string that consists of the natural letters a-z, A-Z, the numbers 0-9, and - _. It should not contain any spaces, special characters, or any personal information. This is ideally a reference that you create which allows you to correlate an identification with a user and transaction.

Ident-ID: This is part of the response from IDnow when an identification has been created. It has the format ABC-DEFGH. This value can be entered in our app by the user to start the identification.

Note: A Transaction Number must be unique for a transaction and should not contain any personal information.


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