Can I test the process?

We have a test-setup with the shortname "democompany" which allows you to try the ident process.

You can initiate a VideoIdent on our test environment using the form over the above link. You will need to fill in the mandatory fields in the form and provide a unique transaction number. 

Please note that, unlike the form, only first & surname, as well as a unique transaction number, are required over the API.

After you submit the form, you will be issued an Ident-ID and you can either use the web integration or our app to perform the ident.

Please note that the test environment is run by a robot that will guide you through the process, not a live agent. To activate the robot, use “X-AUTOTEST-HAPPYPATH“ as the surname when creating the ident. There are other test conditions available, see the API documentation for more information.

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