There are the 3 key steps in the process flow, Login, Create an identification, and retrieve the result.

1. Login


Use API to login and get an auth token (requires your shortname and API key).

2. Create Identification

Create an ident. For this you will need to use your auth token and supply at least the first and surname of the person that will be identified (mandatory values).


You can also define the transaction number which is supplied as part of the result, allowing you to easily associate the encrypted results with your customer. Other information that is to be confirmed, such as the customer's date and place of birth, can be provided but are not mandatory. Do note, that the more information provided, the faster the ident process itself, which has a positive effect on your conversion rate.

After creating the ident, you will receive the Ident-ID, which has the format ABC-DEFGH (e.g. TST-RKPVN).

3. Get Identification Status and Result

Use a GET-request to obtain status updates and information, or use let us configure webhooks to push this information to you in a JSON.


GET {{GATEWAYHOST}}/api/v1/{{CUSTOMER}}/identifications/{{TRANSACTION-NUMBER}}


GET {{GATEWAYHOST}}/api/v1/{{CUSTOMER}}/identifications/TST-RKPVN

You can also use the webhooks to trigger a GET-request for the result file by appending the URL with“.zip” or “.pdf”.

The results are alternatively available as an email, or via an SFTP.

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