How do I get my user to start the identification process?

Once you have created the Ident you will receive an Ident-ID (ABC-DEFGH). You can send this Ident-ID directly to your customer so they can use it in our app.

You can also create a URL using this Ident-ID or the unique Transaction Number to sculpt the customer journey.

For AutoIdent and VideoIdent you can simply use the format

On a web-browser, this will take them to the page where they can select to continue identifying themselves over the web-browser, or to send an SMS to their smartphone with a link to install the respective app. Upon request you can also disable one of these channels.

For eSign, you will need to direct your customer to whichever step of the Ident process you wish them to start at. The URL then takes the format:


Shortname is the company id assigned to you (e.g. ihrebank). Ident-ID can also be replaced with the Transaction Number used to create the ident. In the table below are the different options for <step>, some of which also apply to AutoIdent and VideoIdent.

upload Upload documents to be signed (eSign only)
documents Review documents to be signed (eSign only)
documents/<document> Allows you to define which of the documents should be visible upon opening the link, e.g. "gtu" for the T&Cs (eSign only)
webcam Pre-select browser-based identification (mobile option still selectable)
mobile Pre-select mobile-based identification (web option still selectable)
identification Start identification directly, skips the option to choose mobile and dialogue to confirm mobile number (web only)

If you want your customer to be able to review the document named "contract" before starting, for example, the link would look as follows:

The same applies to the test-environment, there you just need to add "test" as follows:

The link will automatically direct to our secure server.

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