What is the difference between VideoIdent, AutoIdent, eSign, eID and BankIdent?

There are two core products - VideoIdent and AutoIdent, with eSign and eID available as add-ons.


This allows for an identification with a high level of legal compliance in accordance with the strict regulatory requirements throughout the European Union and beyond. The user's identity is confirmed by one of our identification experts over an encrypted video connection.


This enables users to identify themselves autonomously anytime, anywhere, thanks to a blend of modern AI and machine learning, trained on millions of datasets and backed by the expertise of a network of top identity and fraud specialists.


With eSign users are issued a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) after a successful VideoIdent. With this they can sign contracts digitally with the same legal validity as if it was signed by hand. Additionally there is a Wallet feature that allows users to sign additional contracts without the need for another VideoIdent. A VideoIdent account is a pre-requisite for eSign.


The current German electronic ID card, in combination with an RFID capable smartphone, allows users to identify themselves using their 6-digit PIN. This is a fully AML-compliant identification that doesn't require interaction with an agent.


This fully AML-compliant online identification solution allows users to identify themselves with just a valid ID and an existing online bank account.

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