What happens with the user at the end of an Ident?

By default the user is shown a message which either tells them to wait for a response from the partner they are identifying for, or to try again if the identification was aborted.

To optimize the user-journey special redirects can be configured to keep your user engaged. Both for successful and aborted identifications, and even depending on which method they used (web or mobile OS).

Additionally, the link can contain certain information, such as the transaction number or Ident-ID.

Please contact us with the URL's and any additional requests, for example:

Redirect Web iOS Android
Success ihrebank.de/success/id ihrebank.de/success/ios/id ihrebank.de/success/android/id
Aborted ihrebank.de/aborted/id ihrebank.de/aborted/ios/id ihrebank.de/aborted/android/id
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